Bespoke Sash & Casement Windows

Bespoke Sash & Casement Windows


Traditional Box Sash and Flush Casement Windows

Complete new sash windows or casement windows; or if the boxes/frames are in good condition and you want to upgrade your existing windows with double glazing or acoustic glass, we can supply new sliding sashes or casement sashes to fit into the original frames

The Design

If you commission Timberglaze to make your replacement windows we can replicate any original detailing and have a comprehensive range of tooling in house .  If you are replacing historically innappropriate windows we can come up with a design to fit in with the vernacular; we will also work to architects drawings. Our joiners have extensive experience in producing all types of joinery including multi-paned, curved on plan, arches and radial work.

Windows made to meet requirements of building regs or listed building consents.

The Timber

We believe that new windows are a long term investment and should stand the test of time which is why we use the best available materials. Our default timber is Accoya which is sustainable and has an unrivalled lifespan, is very dimensionally stable, offers better thermal insulation than tropical hardwoods and extends the maintanance cycle of the paint finish. It is also resistant to water penetration through the cross grain which helps ensure the longevity of double glazing.

We will of course consider other timbers if specified.     

The Glazing

We generally use individual slimline insulating units with a 6 mm cavity. These have an inner pane of Low E glass and are filled with an inert noble gas (krypton, Krypton/xenon mix or xenon depending on the u value required) to optimise the insulation property. The units can be manufactured with a 6 mm or 8 mm  sight-line (perimeter margin) which means glazing bars can be made down to as little as 17 mm wide and still accommodate double glazing. *(Larger units over 0.65m2 may need a wider cavity  to reduce the chance of the glass flexing and causing the phenomena known as newtons rings)

These units have a discreet warm edge spacer bar available in white, black or grey. The spacer bar is impregnated with a desiccant to absorb any ambient moisture  The spacer is a a silicone tape which reduces thermal bridging between the inner and outer pane which in turn means there is less likelihood of condensation around the inside pane of glass

Slimline units are ideally suited for use in period properties and listed buildings (subject to consent) because it is difficult to distinguish them from single panes. We have had a good success rate getting consent but each case is evaluated  on it’s own merit so you should always seek advice.

Timberglaze avoids using inappropriate stuck on timber beads but where there are multiple panes and the cost of using individual panes falls outside of budget we have developed our Sashplex system.This system uses one double glazed insulating unit per sash which has a matrix of spacer sasndwiched within the unit, the inner glazing bar mouldings are jointed, but externally a timber web is applied, this web is then has a traditional putty line applied to it which is then hand painted. This gives a traditional appearance that cannot be distinguished as not being individual units.

Single glazing can be specified when dictated by conservation planners.

We can glaze with most available types of glass, including  restoration glass, acid etched , laminated, acoustic laminated, toughened safety glass, patterned glass, self-cleaning glass and  pyro-glass. All can be incorporated into sealed units.

The Finish

Windows are normally supplied fully painted in a low maintenance semi gloss finish that has been spray applied. RAL Code 9016 white is our standard colour but you may select a colour of your choosing.  If you need a two colour finish or a different colour inside and out this can be done but will attract a 5% surcharge to cover the extra work; alternatively we can leave the inside primed and undercoated to a high standard ready for finishing on site by others. 

We use Sikkens Rubbol as our preferred paint system which has proven to have a maintenance cycle in excess of 10 years in normal conditions.

The Fittings

Sliding sash windows: These are hung with wax cotton/polypropylene cords, weights and roller bearing pulleys. where this is not practical we can use spring balances.

We normally supply windows with  a fastener,  2 ventable security stops  and optional Sash Lifts.

Casement Windows and French Casement windows:  Our traditional flush casement windows are hung with washered brass or roller bearing hinges and come with a casement stay and fastener and  means of locking.

We carry a range of good quality fittings in various styles and finishes

If  the above specifications do not meet your requirements and you need something different such as friction hinges ,tilt and turn, shoot bolts, fire egress, flying mullions etc we can  help.


All our windows are fully weatherstripped .